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A field with trees growing.A field with trees growing.

A job title isn't the full story.

It's all about culture, impact and work values. Find a team that suits yours.

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Meet your dream team.

Join mission-driven people at a startup that fits your culture. Get to know their values and how they strive to make the world a better place.

Startups, lead the way.

Showcase your social, economical and ecological values. Share your achievements and attract innovative and sense-driven talents.

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Inspiration for good.

We curate valuable resources to favor positive impact on the world. Discover inspirational stories and useful tips to build a better future at work.

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We help you showcase your culture and goals on a dedicated space. Be known for your values and get meaningful applications.

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Grow a forest with us

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Seedl is a carbon neutral hiring platform dedicated to startups. We use 30% of our revenue to plant trees where it's needed.

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